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Cahaba River Society is an educator, expert resource, and collaborative partner for science-based and practical solutions.

Founded in 1988, the Cahaba River Society's mission is to restore and protect the Cahaba River watershed and its rich diversity of life, including the river’s globally-significant freshwater wildlife and the diverse people of central Alabama who rely on the Cahaba for drinking water, recreation and other needs.


With core values of integrity, education, collaboration and stewardship, CRS is a science-based expert resource and partnership catalyst. We continually reach out to collaborate with and strengthen our relationships with leaders in business, development, energy and water utilities, government, science, environment, education, and faith. These interests are a powerful combination for wise growth and water resource conservation.


The Cahaba is a major drinking water source for 1/5 of Alabamians. With more species of fish per mile than any other river of its size or larger in North America, the Cahaba is considered to be nationally and globally significant for freshwater biodiversity by The Nature Conservancy, The World Wildlife Fund, and the National Geographic Society. 


The Cahaba River Society is recognized nationally as a leader in river stewardship. In addition to our Water-Smart Growth program and CLEAN Environmental Education program, we work to improve local, state and federal water quality protections; restore freshwater habitat; and promote recreation, greenways and economic growth from tourism.

Our approach is based on sound science and practical methodologies that produce impactful and sustainable results. We build partnerships bridging government, business, environmental, and civic interests to work towards collaborative solutions. Cahaba River Society employs a full range of strategies: education, collaboration, policy advocacy, and, only three (3) times in our 30 year history, legal action when absolutely necessary.


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